They Who Dance Must Pay the Fiddler…

And pay the fiddler, we have!

Being the proud parents of a now one-year-old little boy, working rotating shifts now opposite of each other instead of aligned with each other, and balancing our new lives and responsibilities has cost my husband and me precious time.  We used to work for hours at home (either together or in parallel) on writing, research, and extra projects.  With the baby’s arrival, we lost our opportunities for those quiet times working at home, our arms now full of an energetic bundle of joy and drool and giggles and poop and milk.  They tell you that you’ll get that time back again, and they’re right.  They didn’t tell you that you won’t get your brain back – that the ability to concentrate and focus on projects is forever short-circuited by worrying about what the baby is eating and drinking, whether he will sleep, and if that cough or sneeze is benign or the beginning of a serious illness.

I’ve written some thoughts in the last year, despite the lack of time – really at the highest and lowest of some emotions.  I didn’t post them here because I was trying to keep this blog close to the topics of weather and Laura.  But if not here, then where?  This is my podium.  So, at least for a little while, I’m going to post a few things I wrote last year – out of the sequence of my current life, but things I feel strongly enough to express.

If you’re here for the Wilder and the weather, hang in there – this is me trying to get my brain and fingers back in shape for a little dabbling in writing.  If you’re here to get to know me better, you’re about to do just that.

Thanks for listening!

6-Month Family Photo

Family photo near the little guy’s 6-month birthday!

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